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Joy, Happiness and Abundance ‚Äč





Finally, I’m experiencing abundance in my life!


I first met Christine while she was a guest speaker at an Interior Decorating conference. I so enjoyed hearing Christine speak that I made an appointment on the spot, that day, to have her come to my home and to consult on ways that I might improve my own space for better balance of energy. We discussed health, wealth …and romance and other areas of life!  Christine asked some very good questions about each area…her expertise in coaching definitely shining through. Questions that really made me think about what I wanted in life…what was going to make me happy?


She suggested several logical feng shui changes which I was very open to when learning how to enhance the energy flow in my home.  I was impressed with her knowledge and approach and agreed to all her suggestions. Some as simple as adding “pairs” in certain areas, moving things from one room to the other, being aware of using more energized words and even chanting an affirmation! …something I had never imagined doing before that day!


What happened next amazed me.  I was able to clear out some bad energy I had been holding onto from a previous divorce. And I felt I was able to allow more flowing positive energy and balance into my business and personal life. That day I felt freed. Renewed. I had an immediate feeling of a new start!

Over the next few months (and year!) so much happened.

A new business opportunity opened up for me.


I was able to resolve a health issue I had previously.

And best of all… I met a wonderful man!

Thanks to Christine’s expertise, I now have experienced abundance in all areas of my life!   


~Carole Palmer, Carole Palmer Interiors





Do I really need or want a life coach?

Before beginning coaching with Christine I was curious about the benefits of coaching, nervous about the process, a little embarrassed to need or want a life coach.

Once I began coaching sessions with Christine I was very pleasantly surprised at how exciting and motivating it was. I feel so empowered as to how to create the positive changes I had been hoping for but not previously acting on.

My life has improved both personal and professional aspects. I feel better about myself. I look forward to future changes, projects and endeavors with more hope and confidence because of the recent successes Christine has guided me through.

I think coaching with Christine is a valuable part of my life. She brings such positivity to my coaching and has helped me create healthy and happy patterns for living at a level of higher energy.


Thank you so much Christine.  ~  ALB





Immediate increase in wealth


After attending one of Christine’s seminars and understanding how we were blocking money I felt an instant shift in energy.   I acted on the information instantly as our household was struggling with unemployment.

The next day, my husband received a call to come back to work, where he had just been laid off the week before.  We never thought we would see results so quickly.  I have scheduled more time with Christine to continue to understand the impact of energy on our lives, from a feng shui perspective and a coaching perspective.   


I’m excited for what lies ahead!  ~ PC






I sold my home in 13 days


My house was on the market Jan-July 2008 and I had multiple showings and open houses, with no offers. I took it off the market for awhile and put it back on the market in mid-March 2009.  I had 4 showings before I found Christine.


After the consultation with Christine I concentrated on the energy flow outside and as Christine reminded me, the goal was to attract the correct buyer to the house.   I made some changes in the house so potential buyers could see themselves living here.

I was surprised how fast shifting my energy and the energy of my home would work. The first week after making some changes specific to the wealth area someone who has owed me money for 3 years has said that they want to pay me back this month!


One and a half weeks later I got called for a showing. The night before I got an offer from someone who had seen it in March, but it wasn’t acceptable. During the next showing the potential buyers loved it, and gave a verbal offer at that time. They said they would put it in writing the next day…which they did! In 13 days I sold my house with the help of Christine!

I really enjoyed the time when you were here. The time flew by, it was awesome, I was really anxious to get started on my new projects.


I have to tell you that everyone that comes in the house loves the lighted computer desk area we set up! I never would have thought to make that area so functional. All the changes made my house so refreshing.   ~ AC





Get a Good Night Sleep    


My patient, we’ll call her “A”, attended a Feng Shui workshop by Christine that was hosted in my office.  When I saw my patient the following week, she told me that she made some of the recommendations Christine offered for her bedroom to “cure” some energy issues in the room most likely created from mirrors.  Patient “A” told me that prior to making the change, her sleep was constantly being disturbed by vivid dreams and that since she made the change she has been sleeping peacefully all night. 


Thank you, Christine for improving the health and quality of life for my patient.

~ Dr. Karen Moriarty, Northboro Chiropractic





A New Fan of Energy Work


I was never a real believer in the power of Feng Shui until my house finally sold after 1.5 yrs the very same day after a phone session with Christine!    


I was feeling extremely frustrated and the whole family very stressed before speaking with Christine due to the fact of paying two mortgages each month for six months.


After my session with Christine and listening to her share her vast knowledge of energy expertise I was excited.  I was hopeful about her advice and acted upon it immediately. That same afternoon my realtor informed me of an offer which had just been received. Prior to this we had two offers that had fallen through during the 1.5 yrs. Feeling elated and cautious about the offer, I informed Christine of the great news and she wished us a successful closing and sent us a blessing for a smooth closing.


Everything worked out perfectly. My family and I could now finally enjoy our new home we built and the upcoming holidays in it.

I feel very grateful for knowing Christine and using her insightful advice to sell my home.  I highly recommend her to everyone I know.  ~ Karen






Sense of Peace & Calm in My House


I loved having Christine come to our house, her expertise and what we accomplished together.  I’m noticing a sense of peacefulness and calm…and lots of energy…less frenetic than usual…more grounded and sustained…my breathing is deeper…I don’t hate my house or myself for how it is…I see progress and the floor!  ~ A.B.






The Changes in My Life

The experience of having a Feng Shui assessment on my house was fun, valuable, and interesting.  The changes set in motion were felt both immediately and gradually.  My area of primary concern was health as my daughter was recently diagnosed with scoliosis.

A recent doctor visit, three months after Christine’s consultation, revealed that her scoliosis has stopped in its progression and the prognosis looks good.


Even though health was my primary concern, Christine explained the importance of overall balance in the home. My love life has improved  and I have recently met someone very interesting. ~ K.B.






No patience needed here!


I really appreciated your suggestions in enhancing my career, health and helpful people areas. I’ve started to implement the changes immediately!


After your visit I received several phone calls. One of which was to schedule a job interview for Thursday and another was a friend who told me about another job opening! My husband also received a letter in the mail from his doctor with good news about his latest blood tests.


I was ready to be patient and wait for gradual changes in my life but patience wasn’t necessary! ~ CC