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Bye-Bye 2013…Hello 2014!

I don’t know about you but I love change so I’m ready for a new year to begin! New energy! New activities! New friends! Letting go of the old and bringing on the new! I’ve gone through a lot of change this year!   While I live my life daily with awareness and balance of mind, body and soul, sometimes things just creep up and get you when you are not looking. This year for me, personally,it has been a time of growth in some areas, with new friends and rekindled friendships (class of 78) coming into my life, as well as expanding my awareness of my gifts to the universe. 2013 was the year that I was shown that my 29 years in the corporate world was about to be merged into my business with my intuitive, law of attraction skills. I was a consultant in a law office in 2013.  I actually moved the office using the principles of Feng Shui to ensure a balanced and productive office space. I coached the employees to raise their energy (vibration) and take on a more positive presence in the office. We even worked on productivity and process flow of work. This was my WOW for 2013. While I typically market to spiritual women, this new niche that was delivered to me and totally took me by surprise.  I never thought I would be combining my years of corporate experience with my energy skills…but it worked and the office saw major improvements within a short two month period. I also experienced letting go of friends and projects that had been in my life. As I grew and experienced this I was amazed at how I felt more aligned after I made the decision and worked through the process of letting go. As I look back, perhaps I hung on to these projects and/or people for a little too long. Maybe there was ego involved or that pesky thought – just maybe if I give it a little longer…but sometimes it is best to walk away. When the energy vibration no long aligns, it is time to move on. In 2013 I really worked to enhance my ‘trust in the universe’ with meditating a lot more which will continue into 2014. I really got hooked with Deepak Chopra meditations …powerful yet not too long so I can be sure to make time for them daily. I believe that the meditations and going within allowed me to put aside the negative, stressful thoughts I had of the corporate world and see how the experience and skills I gained during those years, combined with my energy awareness, law of attraction and energy coaching would really make a huge difference in the business world. I never would have thought there was a place for these two skill sets to be combined…but they are proven to be a very powerful vehicle to help more people!   That’s my goal to help and serve others. I trust that the universe delivers to me the ways in which I can make the biggest impact.Happy Holidays…and Happy New Year!

Time to Rev Up Your Romance – 2 Simple Feng Shui Concepts

Love is in the air, when feng shui is involved… This is my latest article published in It’s All About Women.  Check it out and bring some new Romance into Your Life. Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese practice that dates back more than 4000 years ago.  I define Feng Shui as the study of your environment and the impact items in your environment have on your life. So that means what you have around you at home and at work is partially responsible for attracting what you experience in your life. I know you are probably thinking what a joke this is…BUT I was very skeptical when I first heard about Feng Shui too.