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Non-existent Love Life to finding Mr. Right!


Before working with Christine I didn’t have a love life.  It was frustrating because it didn’t seem like anyone in my age range was available or if they were they didn’t want kids.  After working with Christine on my new apartment, the space felt so good.  I realized I did have some control over what I attracted into my life.  Although, honestly, I wasn’t sure if it would make a difference in meeting someone but I kept my mind & my heart open and focused on myself, as Christine brought to my awareness.


Then it all changed!  I heard from a co-worker I hadn’t talked with in 2 years asking me if I was interested in meeting someone.  Could this really be working that fast…in just 2 short months?   We met and have been together ever since.  I finally found Mr. Right and the relationship fits like a glove!  ~ JDW – Massachusetts




I’m Engaged!


Christine, I wanted to let you know that my relationship area is blooming and I got engaged this past weekend. Consider me another success story! ~   Anonymous, Boston






An Amazing Relationship

I met Christine Conway in 2006 and since that time have used her expertise to help me through some major life changes.   I knew I could call on her when I decided to begin dating after my divorce.


I was very lonely for male companionship, which I hadn’t had for several years.  I hadn’t dated in 29 years and was unsure of dating protocols.  I worried that my date and I wouldn’t have enough to talk about and that the conversation might be awkward.  At this point I wasn’t sure of what kind of man I was looking for either.  That’s when I turned to Christine for support.

Love Life Success Stories

Christine helped me develop a clear vision of what I wanted to create in my life- romance, companionship, and fun.   It provided me the confidence to start dating. I soon began successfully dating and actually enjoyed the dating process!    


More importantly Christine helped me to visualize what my life would actually be like with this person.


Working with Christine lifted my spirits and gave me hope that I would quickly find the man I had dreamed about.  I am now in an amazing relationship!  Of course I don’t know yet if this person is “the one”, but I do know with Christine’s help I am right where I am supposed to be!


~ Meri Jo, Massachusetts

Unblocking my Energy & my Love Life


I made my appointment with Christine to come over to my place to help me Feng Shui my house.  After she finished talking to me about her methods and the process, I knew her approach was what I had been looking for.  We went through my home and concentrated on the areas that I wanted to improve which was money and romance.  I had just bought a brand new home and although I had read a couple of Feng Shui books I couldn’t figure out what area fell where. She went over my layout and it all started to click for me.  Everything she said made sense and was so practical.  She saw several items that could be easily changed.


Her knowledge of the subject manner, enthusiasm and way of dealing with me was wonderful.  Although I had wanted to have new results I wasn’t aware until she came over that I wasn’t exactly willing to change some of my habits and practices.  She had a positive and upbeat way that helped me make the adjustment and finally let go of certain thoughts.  When she left I made some immediately changes and activated the areas.


In the next month I saw immediate improvements.  I did have several money items come my way which wasn’t expected.  I also even had a date.  I still have work to do on the romance part; however I have made significant improvements in my attitude to making me receptive to a new prospect.


I finally dropped a lot of my past hurts and obsessions and have become open to the whole thought of actually spending the time dating and enjoying it.  When I tell my family they also have seen how my arranging my house layout has allowed me to recreate certain positive energy and thoughts.


Using her techniques and approach I have a new way of looking at my place and what I put in my house.  I feel very optimistic that I will soon to be able to add more to other areas of my bagua.  I even am starting to work on the de-cluttering and fully implementing all the cures for my place. 


Christine has really opened my mind to various ways I was blocking my energy.     

~BB – Connecticut

Abundance in my life and NEW Romance


Working with Christine I was able to clear out some bad energy  I had been holding onto from a previous divorce. And I felt I was able to allow more flowing positive energy and balance into my business and personal life. That day I felt freed. Renewed. I had an immediate feeling of a new start!


Over the next few months … I met a wonderful man!   

~Carole Palmer, Carol Palmer Interiors

Finding Great Love, Again

I just had to share some wonderful news with you. My mother in law and I worked with you on some specific areas she wanted to improve in her life.  Since then her life has had some positive changes.  She not only found money she forgot she had…she has also reunited with her high school sweetheart!

(After being widowed for the past 10yrs) I have never seen her so happy and in love. So thank you! 
~ Karen Griffin, D.C., Massachusetts